Configure a Form

Add a Form to a Workflow

To add a form to a workflow, add a Display Form activity, connect it to the flowchart, and configure its settings.

Every Display Form activity has a form associated with it. Double-click a Display Form activity in the flowchart to open the form in the built-in Form Designer.

Initially, a form has two elements:

The header and footer are automatically displayed at the top and bottom of the form respectively.

To configure the form, you add form elements and optionally configure events for the form elements.

New form in the Form Designer, showing the Toolbox of form elements, the form's layout, and the selected element's settings

Exit the Form Designer

The breadcrumbs at the top of the Form Designer show the Display Form activity's location within the workflow. Click any link in the breadcrumbs to exit the Form Designer. To return to the main workflow, click Start in the breadcrumbs or press Ctrl + Alt + Home.

Breadcrumbs in the Form Designer