Create Workflows

There are two types of workflow:

Most workflows are client workflows. Server workflows are used in conjunction with client workflows to perform server-side operations like querying an external database or writing to a file. For information about creating server workflows, see Server Workflows.

Main Steps to Create a Client Workflow

The main steps to create a client workflow are as follows:

  1. Create a new workflow.

  2. Configure the deployment settings.

  3. Build the workflow.

  4. Save the workflow.

Create a Client Workflow

To create a client workflow:

Step 1: Create a new workflow

You can either create a blank (empty) workflow or you can base a new workflow on an existing workflow:

Step 2: Configure the deployment settings

Configuring a client workflow's deployment settings filters the Toolbox to show only those activities that work in the type(s) of host applications you will use. This prevents you from accidentally adding an activity that the host application doesn't support. For more information, see Configure Deployment Settings. For information about moving a workflow to a different environment, see Run a Workflow in Different Environments.

  1. Click Info in the sidebar.

    Note that the Workflow Type is set to Client Workflow.

  2. Click Deployment to open the Deployment panel.

  3. Select the checkbox for each application you will use to run workflows.

  4. If the workflow needs to be able to run when the device is not connected to a network, select Yes for the second question.

  5. Click in the design area to close the Deployment panel.

    The next time you open the Toolbox, it will be filtered to show only activities that run in the environments you selected.

Step 3: Build the workflow

Build the workflow by adding, connecting, and configuring activities:

Once you have built the workflow, you can run the workflow in Workflow Designer's test environment, the Sandbox. To open the Sandbox, click Info | Run in Sandbox.

Step 4: Save the workflow

The first time you save a workflow, Geocortex Workflow creates an item for the workflow in your ArcGIS Content area. You can open a workflow's item in ArcGIS by clicking Info | View in Workflow Designer.

  1. Save the workflow: Click File | Save As or File | Save, or press Ctrl+S.

  2. Enter a title for the workflow item.

  3. Click OK.

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