Form Elements

Form elements are the building blocks of forms. When you design a form, the Toolbox contains form elements instead of activities. To build the form, you drag form elements from the Toolbox to the design surface and place them in the order that you want them to appear to the end user. You then configure each element's properties to customize the behavior and appearance of the element.

The type of a property defines what types of values the property can have. For example, the Visible property's type is Boolean, which means its value can be true or false. Perhaps the most common type is string, which means that the property's value is text. Some properties have more than one type. For example, the value property can be any type.

In a workflow, you can use the Get Form Element Property activity to find out the current value of a particular property. You can change the value of a particular property using the Set Form Element Property activity.

Types of Form Elements

Geocortex Workflow has the following customizable form elements:

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