Component Settings

You can change the settings that affect several of the components of GXM apps. The settings for components are accessible from the Configure Components panel, which opens automatically when you open an existing app or when you load the Mobile Default Template to begin configuring a new app.

App Settings

You need to configure the version numbers for any app before you send it through Development-Testing-Staging-Production. When you make changes, you should update the version number manually. When you finish developing an app and are ready to create a custom build to deploy in your organization, there are settings that you can specify for your target platforms.

If you plan to deploy your app using Google Play, the App Store or Microsoft Store, you need to first obtain provisioning files from the app stores before you can fill in some of the settings.

For detailed requirements about each platform's ID format, see the following:

In the Platforms section, select and change any of the following:

Branding Settings

The following settings apply to the whole app.

Highlighting Settings

The following settings apply to the colors and text that appear around features to highlight them when they are returned in search results or to surround a feature on the map when it is in focus.

I Want To Menu Settings

You can change any menu item on the I Want To Menu or the title of the I Want To Menu itself. You can also add custom items to the menu or delete those you do not want.

In the Menu Items section, you can change the following:

In the Title section, you can change the following:

Map Settings

The underlying map for any GXM app is a web map that is referenced from ArcGIS Online or an ArcGIS Server Portal.

Web Map

A group of settings where you define the web map to use in your app. You can also configure settings for each layer of the map and for the fields in each layer.

The following settings are included:

Region Settings

You can define the units of measurement that your app will use under Region Settings.

The number formatting settings are affected by the Use Esri Field Formatting option under Maps. If the option is on, then the Esri web map settings are respected. When the settings is off, then the settings you apply in Mobile Designer are used.

For more information about configuring Region Settings, see Configure Region Settings and Number Formats.

Select from the following options: 

Result Details

In the Results Details area. you can add a menu item that runs a feature action from the feature Details panel. When you configure and run a feature action set in Result Details settings, it takes effect globally on all the layers of the map and the features on the layers.

In the Result Details panel, you can change the following:

Search Settings

In the Search settings, you can set the number of items to return in any one search. The default number is 50 items per source, for example, a layer, sub-layer, table, etc.

If the layer is on ArcGIS Server 10.2 or older, this feature is not supported.

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