Add a Workflow to a GXM App

Access to Geocortex Workflow 5 is part of the Geocortex Mobile package. Workflows can be very powerful and enable you to extend the functionality of your GXM apps to include complex processes, including forms, for example, if you have specific information needed for an inspection, you can give field workers multiple options to select so they do not have to type in data. You could also include a guided interaction form with cascading combo boxes that limit options based on previous choices.

In the following water pump example, users can identify a pump by serial number or by the type of pump they can observe.

For detailed instructions on building workflows, see the Geocortex Workflow Help on the documentation center. In particular, the Activity Reference contains information about each Workflow Activity, and if it can be used offline or not.

It's important to know that not every Workflow activity works offline, although most of them do. Similarly, not all Workflows work in GXM apps. Fortunately Workflow 5 has a built-in way of presenting you those activities that work with your app or offline. The Deployment settings in Workflow 5, allow you to select whether your workflow is going to be deployed in a GXM app and if it needs to work while disconnected from the Internet. When you set those options, the list of activities changes to present only those activities that meet those criteria.

You can add a workflow to run in multiple places in Geocortex Mobile Designer and Geocortex Go.

User-Run Workflows:

Automatic Worklows:

To set deployment options for a workflow:

  1. Open Workflow Designer and click the Info icon in the toolbar.
  2. In the menu, select Deployment.
  3. In the options, select the Geocortex Mobile Viewer and Yes to indicate the workflow must work offline.

    Now, the list of activities will only list those activities that will work with GXM apps and offline.

You can open Workflow Designer directly from within Mobile Designer. Click the icon at the bottom of the toolbar, and then click Workflow.

To add your workflow to your app in Mobile Designer

This procedure adds a command to the I Want To menu that you can use to run an existing workflow that you have already created in Geocortex Workflow Designer. However, you can also use workflows that others have shared with you.

  1. In Mobile Designer, in the Configure Components panel, click I Want To Menu, and then click +Add Menu Item.

  2. In the Title of the Menu Item, type in a title for your workflow, for example, Run My New Workflow.
    This title appears in your app in the I Want To menu as an option.
  3. Click Select Icon and choose an icon to be displayed beside your menu option in the I Want To menu.

  4. In the Command box, start typing "run", and then select Run Workflow it when it appears in the box.

    The Select Items window opens and displays the workflows you have created under My Content. You can change the list of workflows to show those Shared With Me, or type in the name of a workflow and click Search.

  5. Click on a workflow, and then click Select.

    The code appears below the Command box.

  6. In Mobile Designer, click File | Save to save the workflow option to your new app.

  7. Open Geocortex Go and in the I Want To menu, click Refresh App to be sure the new command is added.

    The map refreshes.

    The new workflow appears in the I Want To panel as a new option.

  8. When you click the new option in the I want to menu, the workflow runs and also adds a temporary icon to the task bar.

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