Show Results in Web AppBuilder

The Show Results activity works in 2D Web AppBuilder apps only. The Show Results activity does not work in 3D apps.

In Web AppBuilder, feature data is displayed in attributes tables. Each layer has its own table on a separate tab.

The Show Results activity uses the layer's attributes table to display the feature data. If the features have geometries, the geometries are highlighted on the map.

If there are already features selected in the layer when the Show Results activity runs, the feature set is combined with the features that are already selected. For example, you could add two Show Results activities to your workflow. The first Show Results activity displays and selects its feature set. The second Show Results activity combines its feature set with the existing features and selects the features in the combined set.

Configure the Show Results Activity to Run in Web AppBuilder

To configure a Show Results activity in a workflow that will run in Web AppBuilder, you must configure the Features and Layer Name inputs. Configuring the Combine Mode input is optional. Note that these are the only inputs that Web AppBuilder supports.

Inputs Supported by Web AppBuilder

Example - Display Query Results

This example shows you how to use a Show Results activity to display the features returned by a Query Layer activity in a Web AppBuilder app. The query returns features for US states in the Mountain region. The geometries are also returned.

This example assumes that you already have a 2D Web AppBuilder app that you can use to run the workflow. The map should include this layer

Workflow Logic

The workflow has the following activities, in the order shown:

To use the Show Results activity to show query results in a Web AppBuilder app:

  1. Open Workflow Designer.

  2. In a new, blank workflow, add the following activities and connect them in the given order:

  3. Query Layer: Configure the inputs:

  4. Show Results: Configure the inputs:

  5. Press Ctrl+S to save the workflow.

  6. Configure your Web AppBuilder app to run the workflow.

    See Host Workflows in Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS for information.

  7. Launch or refresh the app and run the workflow.

    The features are listed in the attributes table and highlighted on the map.

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