One-Time Setup

Depending on the environment and types of host application(s) you choose, you may have to do some preliminary setup before you start to use Geocortex Workflow.

If you are evaluating Geocortex Workflow, the quickest way to get started is to use cloud Workflow and run your workflows in the Sandbox, Geocortex Workflow's built-in test environment. All you need is an ArcGIS Online account. You can get a free account here. Sign in to Workflow Designer using your ArcGIS Online account and follow the steps in Get Started to create and run your first workflow. You can perform the one-time setup at any time later.

On-Premises Workflow vs. Cloud Workflow

Geocortex Workflow is designed to run in the cloud or on premises.

The table below summarizes the differences between cloud Workflow and on-premises Workflow.

On-Premises Workflow and Cloud Workflow Compared


On-Premises Workflow

Cloud Workflow

Save client workflows to...

ArcGIS Online
Portal for ArcGIS
(enables you to run Workflow without Internet access)

ArcGIS Online
Portal for ArcGIS
(requires an subdomain)

Workflow Designer

On-Premises Designer

Cloud Designer

Server workflows


Not supported

Multi-Server Deployments

Geocortex Workflow supports load balanced, multi-server environments. For details, see Install Geocortex Workflow in a Load-Balanced Environment.

Types of Host Applications

Geocortex client workflows run in one or more host applications. Any client workflow can be hosted by any supported type of host application, provided the host application supports the activities used in the workflow and the object properties and functions that the workflow accesses. For more information, see Run a Workflow in Different Environments.

Geocortex Workflow supports the following types of host applications:

What setup do I need to do?

Answer the questions below to determine what setup you need to do, if any.


1. Which version of Geocortex Workflow do you want to use, on-premises Workflow (A) or cloud Workflow (B)?


A. I want to use On-Premises Workflow

A.1. Do you want to use the Geocortex Viewer for HTML5 to host workflows?

A.2. Where do you want to store your workflows, ArcGIS Online or Portal for ArcGIS?


B. I want to use Cloud Workflow

B.1. Where do you want to store your workflows, ArcGIS Online or Portal for ArcGIS? If your users are in ArcGIS Online, store you workflows in ArcGIS Online. If your users are in Portal for ArcGIS, store your workflows in Portal for ArcGIS.

The server on which Geocortex Workflow is installed, and on which your workflows are saved, must be accessible to your end users.