Run Workflows in Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS

Geocortex workflows can run in Web AppBuilder in Portal for ArcGIS or Web AppBuilder (Developer Edition).

Configure Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS to Run a Workflow

This procedure assumes that you have already registered the Geocortex Workflow custom widgets that allow you to host and run workflows from Web AppBuilder apps. See Register the Geocortex Workflow Custom Widgets for information.

To configure a Web AppBuilder app to host workflows:

  1. In Web AppBuilder, configure the app that will run the workflow.

  2. Add the widget: Open the Widget panel, click Set the widgets in this controller, and then click the icon to add widgets . Select the desired widget and click OK.

    The widget called Workflow uses the side panel to display information related to the running workflow. The widget called Workflow Modal uses a modal window.

    Although Geocortex Workflow has four widgets, Web AppBuilder only shows two widgets. When you configure a 2D app, Web AppBuilder shows the 2D widgets. When you configure a 3D app, Web AppBuilder shows the 3D widgets.

    Workflow widgets

  3. Click Choose Workflow.

    Location of Choose Workflow button

  4. Select a tab that lists the workflow.

    If you created the workflow, it will be listed on the My Content tab. If the workflow is shared with you, it will be in My Groups, My Organization, and/or Public, depending on how it is shared.

  5. Locate the workflow by searching or browsing, select the workflow, and click OK.

  6. If the workflow takes one or more inputs:

    1. Click Add Parameter.

    2. In the Parameter Name column, type the name that you use to access the input in the workflow.

    3. In the Parameter Value column, type the input's value.

      The value must be a string. You do not need to use quotes around the string.

    See Workflow Inputs for more information.

    Example of a widget configured to run a workflow that takes an input called "distance"

  7. Click OK.

  8. Save the app.

Workflow Inputs

A workflow can take inputs from the app that runs the workflow. To use the workflow's inputs in the workflow, you add a Get Workflow Inputs activity to the workflow. For example, if you specified two inputs called input1 and input2 in the app, you can access the inputs within the workflow like this:


When you configure a Web AppBuilder app to run the workflow, you use the widget's Add Parameter function to specify the name and value of each input. The value must be a string.

Workflow inputs configured in Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS

Do not confuse workflow inputs with user inputs. User inputs are gathered from the user by the running workflow using forms or prompts. Workflow inputs are provided to the workflow by the application that runs the workflow.

For example, a workflow that prompts the user to enter an address and then locates the address on the map has user inputs but not workflow inputs. Compare this to a workflow that operates on a feature that the user selected in the viewer. In this case, the workflow gets the selected feature from the viewer as a workflow input.

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