Run Workflows in Geocortex Web

To configure a Geocortex Web app to host a workflow, you configure a menu item, such as an I Want To, Feature Actions, or context menu item, that runs the specified workflow using the command.

The procedure below shows how to add an I Want To menu item that runs a workflow. For instructions on adding items to other types of menus, refer to the Geocortex Web Designer Help.

To configure a Geocortex Web app to run a workflow from the I Want To menu:

  1. In Geocortex Web Designer, select I Want To Menu in the Configure Components panel and then click Add Menu Item.

  2. In the Title box, type the text that you want to appear as an item in the I Want To menu, for example, Manage Census Data.

  3. Optionally enter a description to appear under the Title.

  4. Click Select Icon and choose an icon to show beside the menu item's text, for example, .

  5. In the Command box, start typing the name of the workflow that you want the app to host.

    A list of the workflows with matching names displays.

  6. Select the workflow from the list.

    The JSON for a command displays. The JSON has the required arguments for the selected workflow, with the exception of any inputs.

  7. If the workflow takes inputs, type the inputs into the inputs property in the command's JSON.

    The input keys must match the input names used in the workflow.

    Example workflow inputs specified in the command's JSON

  8. If you want to hide the menu item completely when it is not available, rather than having it grayed out, turn on Hide when Disabled.

    Menu items are unavailable when the app is in a state that prohibits the item's command from running.

  9. If you want the user to be able to toggle the menu item between two states, turn on Can be Toggled and configure the alternate state.

    The alternate state can have a different title, description, and icon than the default state, and you can modify the menu item's behavior by changing the command or its configuration. For example, you could configure the alternate state to run a different workflow.

  10. Press Ctrl+S on your keyboard or click File | Save to save the app.

  11. Run the app.

  12. Click I Want To and select the menu item.

    The workflow runs.

    Workflow running in a Geocortex Web app


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