Offline Workflows

An offline workflow is a workflow that may sometimes be required to run when the user's device isn't connected to a network. For a workflow to be able to run without a network connection, all the activities in the workflow must be able to run without a network connection. Most activities don't need to be connected to a network, but some do. For example, the Send Web Request activity must be connected to a network to send a web request.

Filter the Toolbox for Offline Activities

You can use Workflow Designer's deployment settings to filter the Toolbox so it only shows activities that work when there is no network connection. This prevents you from accidentally using an activity that will not work offline. At the same time, you should use the deployment settings to specify the type of host application you will use. This filters out any activities that are not supported by your chosen application.

For example, to build a workflow that will run in Geocortex Mobile, possibly without a network connection, configure the deployment settings shown below. Each activity that the Toolbox shows will work in Geocortex Mobile when there's no network connection.

Filter for activities that work in Geocortex Mobile when the device is not connected to a network

Use Activities that Operate on an ArcGIS Layer in Geocortex Mobile

ArcGIS activities that operate on a layer can take the layer itself as an input or the layer's URL. For a workflow to run in Geocortex Mobile without a network connection, you must pass the layer itself using the Layer input, not the URL.

We recommend using the Layer input instead of the Url input for all workflows, not just for offline workflows in Geocortex Mobile.

Use a Get Layer activity to obtain the layer to use in the Layer input.

Method to pass a layer to an activity in an offline workflow

The following activities have both a Layer input and a Url input: