Mail Server Connections for Server Workflows

The Send Email activity allows you to send email messages from server workflows. This activity requires access to an SMTP server, either an enterprise server or an online mail provider.

To allow Geocortex Workflow to use the SMTP server to send emails, you must configure the server's connection information in your on-premises Geocortex Workflow installation.

To configure an SMTP connection:

  1. Navigate to the data directory in your Geocortex Workflow installation.

    To find out the location of the data directory, open the Geocortex Workflow Post Installer and look on the Data panel.

    The default location for the data directory is C:\ProgramData\Geocortex\Workflow.

  2. Edit the emailsettings.json file as an administrator.

  3. Add the following name/value pairs ("name": "value") to Default:

    Example configuration for a mail server connection

        "EmailSettings": {
            "Configurations": {
                "Default": {
                    "Host": "",
                    "Port": 587,
                    "Username": "MyUsername",
                    "Password": "MyPassword",
                    "EnableSSL": true            
  4. Save and close the file.

  5. In IIS, recycle the GeocortexWorkflow application pool.

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