Host and Run Workflows

A host application is an application that can run one or more client workflows. Geocortex Workflow supports several different types of host applications.

You can host a particular client workflow in more than one application. To do this, you must configure each host application separately. For example, you could configure two different Geocortex Web apps to host a particular workflow, or you could configure a Web AppBuilder app and a Geocortex Viewer for HTML5 viewer to host a particular workflow.

In addition, you can host a particular workflow in different types of host application, provided the workflow's activities and object properties are supported in both types of applications. For example, you could host a workflow in a Geocortex Web app and an HTML5 viewer. For information on creating a workflow that will work in more than one type of host application, see Run a Workflow in Different Environments.

The method you use to configure an application to host a workflow depends on the type of application. Follow the instructions for the type of host application you want to configure:

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