Configure Deployment Settings

When you author a client workflow, you can specify the environment in which the workflow will run. For example, which type of application will it run in? Will it have to work when there is no network connectivity?

Providing this information allows Workflow Designer to tailor the authoring experience to your chosen environment. In particular, the Toolbox only shows activities that work in your environment. For example, if you specify that the workflow will run in Geocortex Web, the Toolbox will only show activities that work in Geocortex Web. This prevents you from accidentally using an activity that does not work in your environment.

If a workflow needs to work when the user's device isn't connected to a network, use the deployment settings to filter for activities that work offline. For more information, see Offline Workflows.

Configuring a workflow's deployment settings is optional. If you do not configure the deployment settings, the Toolbox shows the complete list of activities.

To configure a workflow's deployment settings:

  1. In Workflow Designer, open the workflow whose deployment settings you want to configure.

  2. Click Info in the sidebar.

  3. Click Deployment to open the Deployment panel.

  4. Select the checkbox for each application you will use to run workflows.

  5. If the workflow must be able to run when the device is not connected to a network, select Yes for the second question.

  6. Click in the design area to close the Deployment panel.

    The Toolbox is filtered to only show activities that run in your environment.