Merge PDFs Activity


The Merge PDFs activity merges multiple PDF documents into a single PDF document.


A workflow could use the Run Report activity to generate multiple PDF reports. The Merge PDFs activity will combine the reports into a single PDF document. The Write File Bytes activity could write the merged PDF to disk, or the Create Download activity could generate a URL to the merged PDF so that an end user could download it.


The Merge PDFs activity is a server activity. It can only be used in server workflows, which require on-premises Workflow.

Offline Support

This activity does not work when the device is offline.




Type: String[] | Number[][]

The collection of source PDF documents to merge. Both file paths and byte content are accepted.

Bytes are the raw binary values that represent content. A byte array is represented by a list of numbers between 0 and 255. Invalid byte content will cause an error.

One way byte content can be retrieved is by using the Read File Bytes activity.



Type: Number Array

The byte content of the merged PDF document.


Type: Number

The total number of pages in the merged PDF document.


For information about the ID, Display Name, and Description properties, see Properties Common to all Activities.

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