Get Feature Set Object IDs Activity


The Get Feature Set Object IDs activity gets the Object ID integer values from a Feature Set.

Offline Support

This activity works when the device is offline.




Type: esri.Graphic (3.x, 4.x)* | esri.FeatureSet (3.x, 4.x)* | esri.Graphic[] (3.x, 4.x)*

The feature set to obtain the object IDs from.

Note that object IDs should be integers. If another data type is used (such as strings) to denote object IDs, they should be retrieved with the Get Feature Attribute Values activity.

Object Id Field


Type: String

The name of the field containing the features' object IDs.

The default is OBJECTID.

* Geocortex Workflow uses different versions of Esri's ArcGIS API for JavaScript depending on the type of application. Web AppBuilder 2D apps and Geocortex HTML5 viewers use version 3.x of the JavaScript API. Web AppBuilder 3D apps use version 4.x.



Type: Number

The ID of the first feature in the feature set.


Type: Number[]

The IDs of the features in the feature set.


For information about the ID, Display Name, and Description properties, see Properties Common to all Activities.

Version Information

Supported from: Geocortex Viewer for HTML5 2.9, Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS 2.4.

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