Cast Activity


Casts a value to a specific type. This activity does not change the input in any way. Its purpose is to improve type checking and expression suggestions in the designer.


You could use a Display Form activity to allow the user to select a point on the currently selected map with a Geometry Picker. You could then use the Cast activity to cast the selected value from an esri.Geometry to an esri.Point. Using the output of the Cast in an expression would include suggestions for the x and y properties, not just spatialReference and type.




Type: String

The type to cast the input to. This can be a known type such as esri.Point or a JavaScript interface such as { id: number; name: string; location: esri.Point; }



Type: any

The object to be cast to a different type. The same value is used as the output.



Type: The type specified by the Type input.

The value specified by the Input input.


For information about the ID, Display Name, and Description properties, see Properties Common to all Activities.

Supported Environments

Environments capable of running this activity




Geocortex Web

Geocortex Mobile

Geocortex Viewer for HTML5

Web AppBuilder

Levels of Support:      Full Support      Partial Support      No Support

Offline Support

This activity works when the device is offline.

Version Information

Supported from: Geocortex Viewer for HTML5 2.9, Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS 2.4, Geocortex Mobile 5.7