Activities are the building blocks of a workflow. Each activity represents a unit of work. For example, there is an activity to set the map extent, an activity to perform geocoding, and an activity to gather input from the user. In all, Geocortex Workflow provides over 100 activities for building workflows.

The Toolbox in Geocortex Workflow Designer lists the available activities. To build a workflow, you drag activities from the Toolbox onto the design surface and connect the activities into a flowchart. The completed flowchart represents the process that the workflow automates. Each activity is a step in the process.

Most activities have inputs—the values that the activity operates on—and outputs—the results of the activity's operations. When you add an activity to a workflow, you customize the activity by configuring the activity's inputs. The outputs are not configurable—they are computed when the workflow runs.

Geocortex Workflow Designer, showing the Toolbox of activities and a flowchart built from the activities

Activities fall into several broad categories:

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