Geocortex Licensing

Geocortex Web is licensed software. If you do not have a full license, applications that you build will show a licensing message when they run.

To obtain a license, contact Customer Service at

Geocortex Web (GXW) is available as either a:

GXW is also available as a free 60-day trial with full functionality for evaluation purposes.

Esri Licensing

Geocortex Web is designed to consume and display content from a variety of Esri software; the Esri licenses required to author and publish content are available from your Esri distributor.

GXW uses the modern ArcGIS pattern and ArcGIS Identities to author and access applications. You must have at least a Creator user type (formerly, a Level 2 user) or a GIS Professional user type to create content in GXW. An Esri portal (ArcGIS Online or Portal for ArcGIS Enterprise) and the ArcGIS Identities themselves are also available from your Esri distributor.