Web Designer User Interface

The Web Designer has a User Interface (UI) designed to make it fast and easy to create GXW apps. One way in which this is done is to always have settings visible in relation to where you are in the hierarchy of settings.

Taskbar: The menu that offers the main categories of tasks.

To return to the dashboard that appears when Web Designer initially starts, click .

Layout Tab: Displays the title of the layout and includes a menu of layout actions.

Name of the Application: The name given to this app when it was opened and then saved. A circle beside the name indicates unsaved changes.

Components Panel: Displays the components of the layout in a tree-like hierarchy. Components that are not part of the layout are listed separately at the bottom of the panel.

Filter: Filters the list of components to make fewer options available based on the search terms entered.

Locale Menu: The language in which to configure titles and any other text settings.

Component Selector: Allows you to select a component to edit in the preview.

Panel Subtitle: The subtitle provides context about the settings of the panel. For example, when you view the settings of a layer, the subtitle changes to the name of the layer.

Configuration Options Menu: Displays the menu that allows you to import components from other apps or templates, or to export them, or revert a component's configuration to the default settings if applicable.

One-click Settings and Expand Arrow: Icons that you can click to instantly change the settings of this component, for example, Disable Identify and Disable Search for a particular layer. You can click the arrow to expand another panel of settings to apply to that particular component.

Switch to Another 5-series Product: Clicking this button will allow you to quickly switch to another 5-series product. If the product is already open in a different browser tab, selecting the product will take you to that tab instead of opening a new tab. Only available in the SaaS version.

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