Delete an App

When you delete an app, by default, all versions of the app and associated copies of web maps and web scenes are irrevocably deleted, including the Production, Staging, Testing and Development versions. A confirmation dialog will appear, allowing you to select which parts to delete.

You cannot delete an app that is currently open in Web Designer. To delete an app that is currently open, you must either click FileClose, click or open another app.

To delete an app:

  1. In the taskbar, click File | Open.

    You can also delete apps from the dashboard .

  2. Beside the app you want to delete, click .

    If you are unable to find the app you want, type the name of it into the Search box and click Search.

    If you still cannot find the app, in the Filter by menu, select Shared With Me.

    A menu appears.

  3. Click Delete.

    A confirmation dialog appears.

  4. To review which items you want to delete, click the ArcGIS Online Items box.

  5. Carefully select the items you want to delete and click Delete x items.

    All selected items are irrevocably deleted.

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