Common Properties of Controls

Many types of controls have properties in common, for example, every type of control has size and location. This topic describes some settings that apply to different types of controls.

You can configure all of a control's settings in the Properties panel. Some settings can also be configured on the design surface. For example, you can change a control's location by dragging the control on the design surface.

To reset a setting to its factory value, click the icon to the right of the setting and select Reset.

Location of the icon to reset a setting

Location of a Control

The following methods adjust the location of a control:

Size of a Control

The following methods adjust the size and proportions of a control:

Contents of Controls

Configure Template-Wide Defaults

You can configure default values for the settings that relate to the appearance of controls, with the exception of the Text Trimming setting. To configure template-wide defaults, select the template in the Properties drop-down list and configure the settings in the Appearance section. You can override the default appearance for any particular control.

Changing a default appearance setting changes the appearance of controls in the layout, unless you have previously configured that setting for a control. Geocortex Printing will not override any changes that you have made to the appearance of a specific control.

Background Color of a Control

By default, controls have a fully transparent background, so the background color does not show.

Depending on the configuration, some types of control may not show any background. For example, if the image in an XRPictureBox control fills the entire control, no background will show.

If you add padding to a control, the padded area will show the background color.

To adjust the color and transparency of the control's background:

Border of a Control

In the Properties panel, expand Appearance and configure the following settings:

Location of the Contents Within a Control (Padding)

In the Properties panel, expand Appearance | Padding and configure the Left, Right, Top, and Bottom settings in pixels.

Text Formatting

Controls that show text, like the XRLabel and XRTable controls, have settings to configure the text's appearance. The full list of settings is given below. Most controls have a subset of these settings.

In the Properties panel, expand Appearance and configure the settings:

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