Configure Host Applications

A host application is a web application from which users can run Geocortex reports. You can configure host applications to run reports directly, or, if you use Geocortex Workflow, you can configure host applications to run workflows that run reports.

Geocortex Reporting supports the following types of host applications:

To configure an HTML5 viewer to host a layer report, you add the report to the layer in the Essentials site. Users use the HTML5 Viewer's built-in Run a Report function to run the report. To configure an HTML5 viewer to host a non-layer report, you configure a menu item or toolbar button that runs the report.

To configure a Web AppBuilder app to host a report, you use a Geocortex Reporting custom widget. These custom widgets were developed by Geocortex to run reports from Web AppBuilder apps.

You can host a report in different types of host application without modifying the report. Similarly, you do not need to modify the report to run it from a workflow.

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