Configure Print Templates

To configure a print template, you drag and drop controls from the Control Bar to the design surface and then configure the controls' properties. Properties are configured in the Properties Panel. To verify a template's layout, preview the template.

For information about specific properties, see:

Properties Panel

The Properties panel allows you to configure the properties for any control, regardless of its type. To open the Properties panel, click Properties ().

The Properties panel shows the properties for the control that is selected in the drop-down list (). In the screen capture below, the control named OverviewMapPictureBox is selected. Its type is XROverviewMapPictureBox.

The control's properties are organized into sections that you can expand and collapse. In the screen capture below, the Actions section () is expanded. Some properties appear in more than one section. The sections depend on the type of control that is selected.

The Properties panel also allows you to configure the properties of the print template itself, like the page size and orientation, and its bands, like margins, headers, and footers.

Preview a Print Template

Print Designer has a Preview function for running prints. The Preview function allows you to verify a print template's layout while you are designing it.

To preview a print, your browser must allow pop-ups from (cloud Printing) or from your domain (on-premises Printing).

To preview a print, click Preview .

You do not have to save the print template before you preview it. The Preview function shows the current state of the layout.

Location of the Preview icon

When you preview a print template that contains one or more input parameters, you are prompted to enter values for the inputs. The preconfigured templates take two inputs. In a production environment, the end user would enter the input values.

The preview shows a placeholder map and overview map. To produce a print using your own map, you must run the print from a host application.

Print preview, showing the placeholder map

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