Configure Designer Access

Once you have installed Geocortex Printing you must configure who has access to the Designer. To configure who is able to sign in to the Designer, you must share the Sign-in App with an authors group.

Share the Geocortex Printing Sign-in App

Step 1: Create the author group

  1. Sign in to an ArcGIS portal using an Administrator account for your organization.

    Administrative privileges allow you to create groups that give their members update capabilities

  2. Follow the steps outlined in the Create Groups help page to create a group.

Step 2: Invite members to the author group

  1. Follow the steps outlined in the Invite members page to add members to the authors group.

Step 3: Share the Sign-In app

  1. Follow the steps outlined in the Share items with a group page to share the Sign-In App with your authors group.

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