Brand Print Templates

You can brand print templates to reproduce the look of your organization's other print materials. In addition to adding logos and corporate information to brand a template, you can configure the template to use your organization's fonts, colors, and other appearance characteristics. Using inheritance helps to ensure consistency of styling.

If you want prints to follow a standard style, you may want to create branded templates in the paper sizes your organization uses. Sharing prebranded templates with other authors in your organization allows them to create copies to use as the basis of new templates. This frees authors from having to repeat the branding effort each time they create a new template.

The following procedure gives the main steps to create a branded template.

To create a prebranded template for authors in your organization to use:

  1. Create a new print template. The template can be based on the blank template or a preconfigured template.

  2. Configure the template-wide settings, especially the paper size, page orientation, and margins.

  3. Add bands if you want.

  4. Configure Appearance settings at the template, band, and control level so styling is inherited.

  5. Add a logo to a blank template or modify the default logo in a preconfigured template.

  6. Add any other corporate information you want, such as an address, copyright information, or disclaimer.

  7. Press Ctrl+S to save the print template. You may want to indicate in the file name that the template is prebranded.

  8. Share the prebranded template with other authors in your organization.

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