Introduction to Geocortex Mobile Apps

Welcome to the Geocortex Mobile (GXM) User Help. The User Help explains how to use the maps and features of GXM apps for users who are not familiar with web maps and using them on mobile devices.

What is a GXM App?

A Geocortex Mobile app is a mobile mapping app that can be used on Android, iOS and Windows devices. GXM apps are built to allow you to work either online or offline. GXM apps are very customizable, so the app that you see, may look very different from the app described in this Help. However, most of the features will work in the same way.

Geocortex Go has been used for the screen shots and examples in this help. Geocortex Go is a companion app for previewing or deploying custom GXM apps. Geocortex Go contains many of the features in most GXM custom apps.

What is Geocortex Go?

Geocortex Go is a mobile app that you install from Google Play, the App Store, or the Microsoft Store. The Go App can be used to view custom GXM apps on Android, iOS and Windows devices.

Because Geocortex Go is a fully functioning app that contains the features that are also in Custom apps, it has been used for all the screen shots and explanations in this User Help.