Preview Design Changes in Geocortex Go

Geocortex Go is built to be a companion app for Mobile Designer. You can use Geocortex Go to preview changes you make in Designer as you make them, even if Geocortex Go is installed on a device, or multiple devices, and you are working on a desktop. You make your changes in Mobile Designer on the desktop, then on the device, refresh the app and your changes are visible.

Geocortex Go can be downloaded from Google Play, the App Store or the Microsoft store, depending on your device.

You need to sign in to Geocortex Go using the same ArcGIS account that you use in Mobile Designer.

To use Geocortex Go to preview changes made in Mobile Designer:

  1. Make the changes to your app in Mobile Designer and save them.

  2. On the device, launch Geocortex Go.

    The screen displays a list of all the apps that you have permission to view.

  3. In the apps list, scroll down to find your app, or use the Show and Sort by filters to find it.

  4. Click the white box that has the name of your app.

    Your app opens in Geocortex Go and shows the map with your location as a blue dot.

    If your location is outside the visible part of the map, you may not be able to see the blue dot.

    If your location is not on the current map, you will see an error message.
  5. Click the I want to button.
  6. When the I want to panel opens, click Refresh App.

    The changes you made are visible on the map.