Internationalize GXM Apps

It is possible to translate an app created in Mobile Designer into multiple languages by using the Locale feature. Users view apps in their own locale if you have configured them. If you have not configured them, the user will see the UI in the fallback locale configured in the Region component.

For Geocortex Mobile 5.0, you can translate any user-entered strings that you are able to edit in Mobile Designer, for example, the title of the I Want To menu. However, the interface around those translated elements will remain in English for this version, as a mechanism for translating those UI strings, is not yet available.

In Mobile Designer, locales consist of a language code sometimes followed by a hyphen and then a region code. For a complete list of language and region codes, see the IANA registry.

To set the locale for an app:

  1. While configuring your app in Mobile Designer, in the Locale menu in the top-right corner, select the locale you want to provide alternative translations for. For example, fr for French.
  2. In the Components panel, enter all the text settings for that locale. For example, change the titles, names and other UI text for all components.
  3. Click File | Save.