Introduction to Geocortex Inline

Welcome to the Geocortex Inline User Help. The User Help explains how to use the features of Geocortex Inline.

Key Concepts


Actions are events that you can trigger from a band, chart or feature. All actions are triggered from the context menu of the band, chart or feature. Actions triggered from a feature are known as feature actions.


Bands are containers that group together related charts.


Geocortex Inline supports line, linear and scatter charts.

Line charts display data as a series of points connected by lines. The data points may be connected with straight or curved lines.

Linear charts always display information as a straight line. They are used to display:

- or -

Scatter charts use points to represent values for two different variables, and show the relationship between those variables. Traditionally, each individual data point is represented by a dot on the chart, but a symbol may also be used.

Points of Interest

The Points of Interest band allows you to add points of interest to the charts in Geocortex Inline. This band may not appear if your administrator has removed it.