The Geocortex Inline application includes the following components:


You do not need to install anything to use Geocortex Inline or the Geocortex Inline Designer. Both run in the browser and are hosted in the Geocortex cloud environment at

How Inline Works

When a user opens Geocortex Inline in a web map viewer:

  1. The Inline static view content (JavaScript library and interface) is delivered from the Internet to the user’s local machine.

  2. The web map viewer application opens in the user's web browser, using the locally stored view definition file.

  3. From this point forward:

    • All components run on the local machine, on the user's company network.

    • Enterprise data is not sent outside of the company network.

Web Map and View Definition Files

The web map and Geocortex Inline view definition files are saved in your Esri ArcGIS Enterprise portal, or within your ArcGIS Online organization.

The on-premises ArcGIS Enterprise portal does not require Internet access.

Web Map Viewers

Geocortex Inline views run in the following web map viewers:

Any view can be hosted by any supported type of web map viewer, provided it supports the actions and functions configured in the view. For details, see Supported Browsers and Viewers.


You can install the web map viewer on-premises or in the Geocortex cloud environment at The option you choose depends on the viewer you want to use with Geocortex Inline. Both options ensure the following:


The following table summarizes the web map viewer installation options.

Web Map Viewer Used

Web Map Viewer Installation

Geocortex Web

Installed on premises

- or -

Hosted in the Geocortex cloud environment

Geocortex Viewer for HTML5

Installed on premises

Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS (Developer Edition)

Installed on premises

Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS with

ArcGIS Experience Builder Enterprise Edition 10.5.1+

Hosted in the Portal for ArcGIS environment


The on-premises web map viewer does not require Internet access.

Configuration Options

The following architecture diagrams illustrate configuration options:

Inline components hosted within ArcGIS Online and the Geocortex cloud environment

Web map and view definition files hosted on premises, in ArcGIS Enterprise portal