Highlight Module

The Highlight Module configures the fill and border colors used for highlighting and emphasizing features on the map. The viewer initially has a default highlight layer that is used to highlight the feature when the user selects the feature in a Results List. (See Results Module for examples of how highlighting is applied to items in the Results List and Results Table.) Highlighting defined for feature layers in Essentials Manager overrides the feature layer highlight settings specified in the Viewer.

For example:

Using Identify to select an area.

The Identify Results list from the Identify action.

Highlighting applied to the hospital icon after selecting (1) Hospitals in the Identify Results list to view the hospital feature.

Focus highlighting applied to the hospital icon when the cursor is on the hospital entry in the panel.

Highlighting applied to specific areas after selecting (6) Land Use in the Identify Results list to view the land use features in the list.

Focus highlighting applied to a specific area when the cursor is on the corresponding entry in the list.

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