Website Configuration

You can add any websites to Analytics that you want to monitor, for example, a company website or a website that hosts or publishes key information. You can also set alarms to trigger if the probe to the website fails or the response is too slow. In addition, you can add a content alarm that triggers if the response contains certain information, for example an error message, or does not contain the key information that you require.

Once you have added a website, you can also change settings for specific websites.

Default Website Settings

You can change the default Collection Interval for all websites.

Specific Website Settings

Set up a Website to Monitor in Analytics

You need to add websites as these are not added dynamically to Analytics. If the website requires authentication, you need to enter a username and password that grants access to the website. Only Windows Authentication is supported.

Once you have added websites, you can enable or disable a website , or remove it completely.

To add a new website:

  1. Open Analytics, and then click Configuration.

  2. At the bottom of the sidebar, click Add, and then click Website.

  3. On the Setup tab, enter the following information:

  4. Click Save.

    In the sidebar, a message indicates that Analytics is adding the new resource.

    Once the website has been added, the name you entered for this website is listed under Websites.

Alarms on Specific Websites

On the Alarms tab of a website:

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