Portals Configuration

You can configure Global Portals settings that affect all the Portals for ArcGIS within the Analytics cluster as well as ArcGIS Online. You can also set global service settings that affect all the services that are on all the Portals. Alternatively, you can configure settings for ArcGIS Online specifically or for each specific Portal for ArcGIS.

Global Portal Collection Interval Settings

The Global Portals settings affect all instances of Portal for ArcGIS and ArcGIS Online.

To change global Portals settings, in Configuration, select Portals in the Sidebar to edit the following:

Global Portal Service Settings

You can change the Collection Interval for all the map, feature, image, and geocode services that are found in ArcGIS Servers, Geocortex Essentials instances, ArcGIS Online, or Portals for ArcGIS. You can change these settings in Analytics under Portals, ArcGIS Servers, and Essentials. When you change the settings in any of these locations, it changes the settings for all the services in all the locations.

You can configure settings for map, feature, image, and geocode services.

On the Services Settings tab, change any of the following:

Set Alarms on All Services

To set alarms on all services:

  1. Open the Reports application, and then click Configuration.

  2. In the sidebar, click Portals, ArcGIS Servers or Geocortex Essentials .

  3. Select the Service Settings tab.

  4. To enable an alarm if a response fails, click Alarm on Failed Response and then Alarm on Response Time.

  5. Click Alarm on Response Time.
  6. In the Response Time field, type in the number of seconds within which a response must occur. If the response exceeds this time, the alarm is triggered.

    If you want to have alarm notifications sent directly to you via email or phone (SMS), you need to configure your email and phone information under Configuration | System | Email Settings and SMS Settings.
  7. In the Trigger After field, type in the number of times that the conditions must happen before the alarm triggers. The minimum number is 1, which means that the alarm triggers whenever the conditions are met. If you enter 2, the alarm triggers the second time a condition is met.

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