Alarm Notifications

When an alarm triggers in Analytics, the following events occur:

Types of Alarm Notifications

You can set the type of notification the alarm sends out by changing the settings under each resource or by setting up default alarms that affect all the resources of a particular type, for example, ArcGIS Servers.

There are several types of alarm notifications:

Add Alarm Recipients

If you want recipients to receive email or SMS notifications when Analytics alarms trigger, you need to configure a list of alarm recipients under System in Configuration on the Alarm Recipients tab. You can configure a recipient to receive all notifications, or under each resource on the Alarm tab, you can select particular recipients to receive specific alarms. You need to provide email addresses or SMS details for each recipient.

For more information, see Configure Alarm Recipients

SMTP Email Host and Twilio Account

In addition to the list of alarm recipients, you also need to set up an SMTP email host and a Twilio account for Analytics to use when it sends emails or texts to alarm recipients. You use only one SMTP email host and a one Twilio account (Twilio website) to send notifications to multiple emails or phones.

For more information, see Configure Email Settings, Configure SMS Settings.

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