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  • What's new?  |  Administrator Help
    See what’s new in Geocortex Analytics.
  • System requirements  |  Installation Help
    View the hardware and software requirements for Geocortex Analytics, and the ArcGIS and Geocortex Essentials versions that it is compatible with.
  • Download Geocortex Analytics | Installation Help
    Download Geocortex Analytics from the Geocortex Support Center.
  • Installation and setup  |  Installation Help
    Install Geocortex Analytics and perform the initial configuration.
  • Tech Tip videos
    Learn common patterns, best practices and tips and tricks with our Tech Tips video series.

Key Features

  • Alarms  |  Administrator Help
    Alarms let you know when something in your GIS needs attention.
  • Summary Tab  |  User Help
    The Summary page provides a live summary of the most important information about your system, such as active alarms.
  • Status Tab  |  User Help
    The Status page shows the current status of the applications, servers, services, and websites in your system.
  • Trends Tab  |  User Help
    The Trends page allows you to monitor patterns in your GIS data and make important decisions about your GIS infrastructure.
  • Dashboards  |  User Help
    Custom dashboards allow you to organize your system’s analytics in ways that make sense to you.